Thursday, March 25, 2010

...a word from daddy...

We are quickly approaching the 1st birthday of our firstborn. Avenue is such an incredibly strong micro man. He amazes us everyday with his tiny feats of strength and his lil stubborn personality. I have quite a few nick names for him: Abanue, stinky, moo moos, boo boo, muscle man, smelly, tiny, tiny guy, stinky man, and many more variations of small and smelly. Just today he stealthily tried to grab Kady's phone, pretend to cry, vacuum, chewed up his sucker from the bank, and he loves having his finger up his nose. He doesn't suck on his fingers or thumbs but he loves having his finger in his nose. He is a little insomniac, and during one of his sleepless nights, we watched Elmo in Grouchland and he was scared by the bad guy Huxley and the only thing that would calm him down was to touch the ceiling with his hands. He is a lil busy body. I do not know how Kady is able to keep up with him all the time. Luckily his feet are not able to keep up with him yet, which causes quite a few face plants, but once he can move that fast it will be scary. My only hope for him is that he will be a tough, speedy, little hockey guy. Everyone asks me what I will do if he doesn't like hockey, I will not force him too play, I will just make him chose to play hockey, haha. He loves hockey sticks, every time he sees one he wants to touch it so I think I am safe. I love how cuddly he is getting. He will just chill in my curled arm for long periods of time. I always ask him for kisses and he will give me one every about 100 times I ask, I take what I can get. He is such a little stud, he makes these little cheesy smiles and screams into his phone like dad does "da da da da", pretty good impression for a stinky lil man. Every day Kady and I acknowledge how blessed we are for such an adorable healthy baby, we could not ask for more. Right now he just climbed onto a cardboard box and looked at me like he was so proud, yet so unsure if he should be up there. Classic.

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