Saturday, March 27, 2010

aVeNuE's 1st baseball game

today i took avenue to see his first baseball game. i am not a huge fan of watching it on tv, but going to a game is always fun. the weather was pretty nice and ave sat still for a little bit. it was byu vs unlv. he liked watching the "BALL!" get hit and loved when people cheered, he joined in clapping. we only stayed for about 4 innings and then it was nap time. he wasnt too sure what to think about the couger mascot that kept waving at him either lol.

me and avey:) lol i had to darken the picture so you could see his face because hes soo white lol! hoping he gets some color this summer!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

...a word from daddy...

We are quickly approaching the 1st birthday of our firstborn. Avenue is such an incredibly strong micro man. He amazes us everyday with his tiny feats of strength and his lil stubborn personality. I have quite a few nick names for him: Abanue, stinky, moo moos, boo boo, muscle man, smelly, tiny, tiny guy, stinky man, and many more variations of small and smelly. Just today he stealthily tried to grab Kady's phone, pretend to cry, vacuum, chewed up his sucker from the bank, and he loves having his finger up his nose. He doesn't suck on his fingers or thumbs but he loves having his finger in his nose. He is a little insomniac, and during one of his sleepless nights, we watched Elmo in Grouchland and he was scared by the bad guy Huxley and the only thing that would calm him down was to touch the ceiling with his hands. He is a lil busy body. I do not know how Kady is able to keep up with him all the time. Luckily his feet are not able to keep up with him yet, which causes quite a few face plants, but once he can move that fast it will be scary. My only hope for him is that he will be a tough, speedy, little hockey guy. Everyone asks me what I will do if he doesn't like hockey, I will not force him too play, I will just make him chose to play hockey, haha. He loves hockey sticks, every time he sees one he wants to touch it so I think I am safe. I love how cuddly he is getting. He will just chill in my curled arm for long periods of time. I always ask him for kisses and he will give me one every about 100 times I ask, I take what I can get. He is such a little stud, he makes these little cheesy smiles and screams into his phone like dad does "da da da da", pretty good impression for a stinky lil man. Every day Kady and I acknowledge how blessed we are for such an adorable healthy baby, we could not ask for more. Right now he just climbed onto a cardboard box and looked at me like he was so proud, yet so unsure if he should be up there. Classic.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

this week..

aaron and i are looking at places to rent for the next little while. found some cute places but still looking... this week avenue has learned to pick his boogers, pretend talk on the phone (he usually calls and yells at dad with a serious face), say "uh oh!", almost skip nap time altogether!, climb under dressing room doors, pull his arms out of his car seat straps (they were tightened), and cry on the floor while kicking his legs.. haha big week for him. its a wonder he doesnt sleep more. avenue really is such a good kid to take out, he loves to see new things and places, and now he loves to walk everywhere too (sometimes away from me, which will soon be running away from me). i love this little kid and he loves learning new stuff!! right now my little stinky is watching toy story holding woody and sitting in dad's lap laughing when he laughs... pretty sweet guy!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

tWeNtY pOuNdS!!

avenue is 20 pounds, and almost one, so we turned his car seat around a week ago. he loves it so far, hasnt cried much anymore and stays pretty entertained. he used to fall asleep when he was tired and now he just stares at us lol. he doesnt fall asleep cause theres too much to miss:)

Friday, March 19, 2010

some FAMILY pictures ive been hiding

poor aaron, this fall i made him take family photos multiple times. these ones his mom joann took. they turned out really good but the lighting in them was hard to edit clearly. these are my two favorite. its crazy how fast avenue is growing!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

a little fun ...

avenue and me waited for daddy to get back from the airport sunday afternoon and had a little fun with the camera..

i love how you can see his drool in this picture:)

Friday, March 5, 2010

the park..

it has been pretty warm off and on so i took avenue to the park for the first time and all he wanted to do was eat the wood chips lol. then the other day aaron and i took avenue and monies to the park. all avenue wanted to do was chase monies and the ball. i got some cute videos and ill try to upload them

Thursday, March 4, 2010


aaron put his HEADPHONES on avenue and we were taking pictures. then as soon as we turned off the camera he started smiling and dancing, lol of course! he did it long enough for us to catch it tho thank goodness:)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


i LOVE avenues little hugs.. he is so sweet. he runs around the house playing with toys, tossing balloons, talking on his play phone, getting into stuff.... then he sees me and smiles really big and waddles over and gives me the biggest hug! its the sweetest thing ever. i just want to eat him. he has such a sweet little spirit and personality about him. he loves balls now, anytime he sees one he yells BALL for the next half hour at least. its pretty cute in his low little man voice. anytime i go into the bathroom he tries to climb into the bath. he has toy balls in the tub so he yells BALLS and reaches for them. i love him so much and am so grateful for having him in my life and to hang out with everyday. i cant imagine my life without him and never want him to grow up and move away lol. i watched a movie last called 'everybody's fine' and it was so sad because the father of 4 grown kids was traveling all over the country trying to visit with them. they were avoiding him because they didn't want to tell him the problems in their life and disappoint him. i watched it thinking of avenue the whole time and couldnt imagine what i would do if avenue moved out of state! i dont know how parents do it. letting go of the best thing in their life, letting them go into the big bad world and growing up. i just want avenue to be my sweet little innocent baby forever! i know this is crazy and not possible but a mom can wish. i never knew i could love someone this much, its not even a choice, it feels like his body is made up of my love so its automatic i love him. he is so much a part of everything i think about its crazy. i heard parents say they didnt know how they could love another baby as much as their first and now i totally understand. i now fully understand the momma bear phrase too. i have animal like protection instincts of him. he is me, my heart, a little mini part of me walking around as a little boy. what a blessing to have this feeling! but how powerful it is! i cant imagine my son having health problems, getting his heart broken, getting a bad grade, busting his knee. i dont know if i was equipped with the emotions to handle those things when they gave me this powerful love for him! im sure it will come tho. the other part of my heart understands that this is heavenly fathers sweet spirit and i am only his earthly mother, a teacher and protecter. and that whatever happens is HIS plan and i should accept his will. thats what i told myself while i was pregnant, if i lost the baby or carried full term was all his will. it all sounds very hard but loving him is so easy and so wonderful. ohhhh the BIG love i have for such a LITTLE man:)