Sunday, September 19, 2010


lately our family date night means getting frozen yogurt. whatever kind i get i have to top it with chocolate treats because those are what avenue likes. although he tries very hard to reach any topping he can while we are in line. there is a live band some nights in the little outdoor mall area outside and he likes to dance. pretty cute. he bounces his knees and moves his arms up and down one side at a time. i love his moves!

picky eater

i try new foods all day with avenue, and after he doesnt like any of them this is what he does. he goes over to the cabinet, grabs the bag of bread, gets himself a slice and goes and sits on the couch. really?! thats all you wanted? if anyone has any ideas of what to feed him im all ears!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


finally aaron agreed to cut avenue's hair! it looks really good, even tho it means he is growing up and isnt my baby anymore. aaron cut it and did a really good job. i love the fro. and i love my little man!!
a before and after shot

Friday, September 3, 2010

what we did today

7am avenue wakes up and gets into bed with me
830am we both wake up for the day, breakfast
9am take a shower then bath
10am go to the grocery store where avenue waves to people as we pass them
1230pm lunch
130pm nap time for us both!!
then this stuff happened...

avenue loved this grapefruit soda.

he would take one sip then make a sour face and laugh cause every time it shocked him.

he asked for a cookie for snack and i gave him these. haha he actually does like grapes

then he got into all his toys

i love hanging out with my baby everyday, who is not really a baby anymore. he is so sweet and fun. he loves to sing now, which i love too. usually in the car or when im getting ready in the mirror he walks in singing. my favorite:)

shrek 3

last night we took avenue to the dollar theater to see shrek 3 and see what he thought. he was so excited and was yelling at the screen. he was just jumping on the seat, eating popcorn, screaming "duckieeee!" and trying to sneak soda. pretty cute. he got bored about half way through so we had to come up with creative ways to keep him entertained and he made it through. it will be a while before we take him again, but i think he had fun trying it out:)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

ayden all grown up!

today ayden started kindergarten! thats so crazy because i remember visiting him in the hospital when he was new!! now he is so smart and sweet and BIG! it doesnt seem like my sister is old enough to have a kid in school. love this little guy, good luck in school!!