Wednesday, April 14, 2010

avenue turned one!

this month avenue's grandparents from ak visited! we celebrated avenue's first birthday at a park with some elmo cupcakes! they were really fun to make and turned out perfect!!

we put him in front of his cake and it had been such a long day that he wasnt really interested.

i didnt know how he would do with the presents but he went to town and loved it! thanks to all our friends who came to his little party. we are so excited for another year of watching our favorite kid learn new tricks and grow even bigger!! we love this guy!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


not the best picture of us (aaron) haha but the only picture from easter with all of us together

daddy and avenue looking at cars ave got for easter

making his ooooohh! face that he does when he sees cool stuff. he does this a lot these days

avenue's first easter basket

Saturday, April 3, 2010

why are FORTS so cool?

avenue was fussing about something so i thought quick and got the blanket on the floor next to me and put it over my head making a fort. he LOVES this and was rolling around laughing. pretty cute. i love how simple things make him laugh.

haha this one is my favorite, you cant really see his face but you can tell hes smiling lol. love his little body.

easter cookies and eggs

avenue and i died a few eggs for easter. by the time i had one died he was done. he kept reaching his hand in the cup of dye to get the "Ball!" out. he cracked one open the first chance he got.

haha this is his face when he popped it open... not to impressed.

we also iced some cookies.. well i iced them and avenue de-iced them:)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

michael buble!

when aaron and i were dating he always talked about these electric salt and pepper grinders with lights that his friend had and he wanted. so i took a while and researched and found the perfect pair (not easy). on his birthday he opened them and said it was the best gift he had ever gotten. he said they were very thoughtful. this chritsmas i bought him 6 seasons of a show he wanted and he said that was a pretty good gift too. he was upset tho because he hates giving gifts, he has a hard time thinking of something perfect. for my birthday this year tho he bought me the new michael buble cd because he knows i love his music. and then this christmas he bought us tickets to go to his concert! that was the best gift ever!! i had already seen him once a few years before and it was the best concert i had ever been too. aaron said months before the concert that he was going to open the concert with "cry me a river". he was right! aaron almost missed it because he was parking the car (we sat in traffic about an hour). i barely made it because i got out and ran in when we were still in traffic. it was snowing and wet and cold too, yuck! anyways i filmed the beginning for aaron because i thought he was going to miss it.

this was his last song

this was in the middle of the concert he came into the crowd to sing

when we tried to take a picture b4 we left and avenue wanted to be in it:) he also likes to jump in the middle of us when were hugging or sitting next to each other. cant miss any action.