Thursday, February 25, 2010

avenue loves balloons

avenue would probably do this all day if i let him lol. he tries to get them by the tied end and ends up chasing them all over the house until he gets it just right to bang it like this. pretty smart guy.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

avenues favorites..

i love taking avenue to the mcdonalds playland because there are always a bunch of kids there and he just stares and smiles. he's so fascinated by them, its the cutest thing! he tries to climb up the slide already and loves to climb these big drums too. he likes fries and nuggets too. (aaron does not support these eating habits!) and dont worry, i germ-x his hands afterwards!

you have to keep a close eye on avenue cause he is on the stairs from across the room before you know it! he loves climbing up them! he climbs the first one or two then stops, and politely waits for you to come try and catch him before he darts off again lol. funniest thing ever!

family night..

tonight aaron got some jazz tickets from a friend so we couldnt say no! we took avenue to his first NBA game at ten months old lol! he loved it.... for about 20 min. then he got kinda antsy. he liked all the noise, i think he was confused at why people all of a sudden started screaming lol. he clapped a few times too. the kid next to me won the little clapper hands thing and avenue was eyeing it hardcore lol. the kid let him play with it for a while but when we gave it back avenue just stared at it lol. then the kid came back with ice cream and avenue kept reaching for some haha. overall it was a pretty fun game and i think he had a fun time...

this is avenue biting my lip when i tried to kiss him!!

daddy showing avenue videos of himself to keep him from crying in his car seat, which thankfully he is doing much less of

walker and talker

avenue is walking more and more these days! im gonna try to put up a video soon, but if you have facebook aaron posted a video on there. he is so cute, still keeps his arms straight out like a little frankenstien but he has a little more confidence to try more often. its fun to watch! he also discovered there is water in the toilet bowl!! haha and he loves to unroll the toilet paper.. aaron got him a little basketball net for the bath tub with little blow fish for balls and that is his new favorite toy:) aaron and i are doing good as well. we are trying to figure out the next place to live, and right now st george is at the top of the list so we'll see.....

Sunday, February 21, 2010

my new favorite photo of AVENUE

this was in the boston, Massachusetts airport feb 5th 2010