Tuesday, April 12, 2011


the fastest and BEST two years of my life:) cant believe how fast the time goes when your enjoying every minute of watching your baby grow up. i loved the baby phase but avenue is so fun right now, and i feel like aaron is able to enjoy him a lot more too. very blessed to have such a sweet and energetic spirit in our lives. we LOVE this little boy!
avenue has been playing with trains for a while and liked them a lot so we got him the biggest best train table for his birthday (well grandma did!) he still loves it today. when we spend time away from home and then we come back and avenue plays with it like there is no tomorrow. hours on end. best gift for him!

For avenues birthday we also got him a t-shirt that said "this little monkey is going to be a BIG brother!" he wasnt interested in his gifts so gramma jojo opened it and thats how we told family about the new baby on the way!