Wednesday, March 24, 2010

this week..

aaron and i are looking at places to rent for the next little while. found some cute places but still looking... this week avenue has learned to pick his boogers, pretend talk on the phone (he usually calls and yells at dad with a serious face), say "uh oh!", almost skip nap time altogether!, climb under dressing room doors, pull his arms out of his car seat straps (they were tightened), and cry on the floor while kicking his legs.. haha big week for him. its a wonder he doesnt sleep more. avenue really is such a good kid to take out, he loves to see new things and places, and now he loves to walk everywhere too (sometimes away from me, which will soon be running away from me). i love this little kid and he loves learning new stuff!! right now my little stinky is watching toy story holding woody and sitting in dad's lap laughing when he laughs... pretty sweet guy!

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