Thursday, July 15, 2010

so blessed...

i cant believe how blessed i am. this past year has been everything: fun, hard, emotional, rewarding, busy, special, and everything in between. i am so grateful for so many things and lately i have been thinking about them a lot. mostly im grateful that i am here on this earth and am able to experience everything heavenly father has put in my path. after high school i lost a good friend of mine and i thought how awful it was that she wouldnt get to be married, be a mom, and so many other things. i often think of her, especially when i reach a big milestone in my life. i thought of her when i got married, how blessed i was to experience being sealed to someone special in a temple of the Lord. i thought of her when i had avenue, my sweet little angel that i got to carry for 9 months and then hold in my arms. and now i get to spend every day with both of my special boys. its not always easy, but im so grateful heavenly father let me stay here long enough to at least try my hardest to be a good wife, a good mommy, and a good daughter. im so blessed...

to come from a wonderful family that is always there for me
to have had an innocent childhood
to have a nurturing mother who taught me how to be a mom
to have a wonderful dad that taught me hard work and dedication
to have amazing brothers and sisters
to have married someone who loves and takes care of me
to have an adorable healthy baby boy
(who loves me)
to live in a country where i have freedom
to have the gospel in my life
to have a camera to capture all of the beautiful memories in
my life that i want to remember forever

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  1. Love this post! AMEN to everything you said! We're lucky!