Friday, July 16, 2010

early mornings

every morning when avenue wakes up he gets a cup of milk and usually watches a little elmo or he cuddles in bed with us for a little bit til were ready to get up. hes super cuddly in the morning. he usually eats some of our breakfast better than anything we try to feed him, i guess it tastes better from our bowl:) then he usually does his dishes, and by this i mean he goes thru all the cabinets that are within his reach and takes the dishes out and sometimes they make it back and sometimes not. he usually ends up climbing into the cabinet to make sure he can get them all! i thought i would share what he has been into lately... after were both awake he likes to go on the back porch and i figured out that he loves ice cubes. i gave him bowl of ice cubes and it entertained him for at least an hour. i tried it again the next day and it was still fun for him. pretty random, but if he likes it!

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