Saturday, January 9, 2010

pictures of aVeNuE mIcHaEl

avenues first teeth, he started teething at 4 months! ahh i hate when they teeth and theres nothing you can do:( he handles it a lot better now and he has 6 teeth total today!
this is one of my favorite photos of all time of AVENUE!! he is laughing in his car seat, something that rarely happens lol. he has been crying in his car seat since he was born and hes almost 9 months! hmm maybe he'll outgrow it soon...
here he is at church! he likes church because theres so many people to see and talk to and what baby doesnt love attention?! i love this little tie we got for him, makes him look like such a man:) aaron likes to hold him and get him to sleep in sacrament. i have tried taking him to relief society a couple times but whenever i do he is SO loud!! lol he talks and talks, i swear he saves it up all week and as soon as it gets quiet he just lets it all go:) he also loves to run his nails on the textured walls, it makes noise and that is so entertaining to him!
this is our cuddly little guy snuggled up watching tv on our bed. he doesnt pay much attention to tv but when hes sleepy he lays in our bed like this and just chills. aaron loves catching him when hes in a cuddle mood!! i get to nurse him so i get more time to cuddle, but i love it whenever he'll give it!
this is avenue outside on the lawn. he LOVES being outside. if he is fussy and you walk outside he stops right away! he loves to look around and watch everything going on. he likes the noises too, especially if there are kids playing outside. he wasnt too sure about the grass on his skin at first lol but toward the end of the summer he didnt mind it one bit:)
here is avenue when he was first learning to sit up! lol he sat up for a little bit and then his feet would go in air and he would tip back:) once he got a grip of it tho he never wanted to lay down anymore!!

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