Monday, January 4, 2010

a liTtlE abOuT uS....

avenue is 8 1/2 months old!! i can hardly believe it! he started crawling at 7 months when we were in new hampshire visiting my sister kara and her family. he loved all his cousins and wanted to keep up! he had a fun little christmas with lots of presents from grandparents:) he pulls up on everything so we're sure he'll be walking any day now. he loves baths and being in anything that moves; stroller, walker, someones arms. but he does NOT like his car seat... at ALL! aaron and i feel so blessed to have him in our family. we enjoy his sweet little personality so much! he bites, pinches, drools, laughs, and cuddles!!
aaron is in his second year of coaching his brothers traveling hockey team. he absolutely loves it! he still manages to play a few games himself when he gets a chance. in his spare time he owns a web development company called sleek development. this is also a real passion of his and he enjoys working with his good friend j.r. their company is doing really well and things are getting bigger and better everyday!

kady- i am enjoying raising our son during the day! i love being with avenue and couldnt imagine leaving him with anyone else. im very blessed that my husband enables me to stay at home with our son! sometimes tho it gets a little routine and i try to be creative. a couple months ago i dreamed up a little dinner party group and got it all started. its a blast and i love the dinners with my great friends!! i made a blog for it called !! im always looking for new, fun ideas to keep me busy at home!

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